Vienna Introduces New, Same-Sex Themed Crosswalk Alerts

Vienna has introduced new same-sex and opposite-sex themed cro swalk signals at 49 intersections acro s town. The alerts really are a more playful take on conventional signals, which usually portray just one, gender-neutral individual. The brand new signals feature a same-sex pair or an opposite- sex pair united by just a little heart. By using the city's municipal lighting department, allow me to share some shots: A cro swalk signal in Vienna indicates pedestrians can now cro s.Vienna Lightshide captiontoggle captionVienna LightsEnlarge this imageTwo women are demonstrated in a very cro swalk sign in Vienna.Vienna Lights cover captiontoggle captionVienna Lights Two women are revealed inside a cro swalk signal in Vienna.Vienna Lights An opposite sex few is demonstrated over a cro swalk signal in Vienna.Vienna Lightshide captiontoggle captionVienna LightsIn a pre s release, the city's mayor explained the brand new signals are "a indication of openne s and tolerance ." Reuters reviews that the cro swalk signals were being mounted to coincide with two major functions planned for the city: The Eurovision Track Contest and "Life Ball," a charity party to boost money to fight HIV and AIDS. "Hollywood actre s Charlize Theron and French clothier Jean Paul Gaultier is going to be among the many friends, together with Conchita," Reuters reviews. If you don't sustain with pop culture, Conchita, an Austrian drag queen, gained the Eurovision Tune Contest in 2014.

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